Avalon – Sam Ford Launch





Avalon – Sam Ford Launch

A friend of mine was working last week and spotted the above woody on a North Shore property. Being a friendly chap he introduced himself to the property owner, who god bless her is well into her 80’s and lives alone. The boat has been in the family since the 1970’s and she and her late husband used to cruise the gulf in her. She even went solo after he passed away 🙂
What we know is that the owner is fairly certain the launch is a Sam Ford, 24’ in length but the husband added a few feet to the stern.
Prior to being hauled out she was kept on a swing mooring in the Beachhaven Wharf area. She may have been named Avalon.
Note the ‘eyebrow’ over both sets of forward facing windows – its an often over looked feature that really adds a salty look to the right vessel.
I’m interested in ID’ing the launch and also agreeing on the design / builder – I’ll be shot down in flames, but to my eye, she has a hint of Couldrey to her. Nathan H………….. help me 🙂
Now the interesting thing is, to the right buyer, she could possibly be acquired. Price tba but you wouldn’t need to see the bank manager for a loan 😉
I have kept names and boat location out of the story – the last thing the owner wants is a stampede of people knocking on her door.
Input from Cameron Pollard – She is a Sam Ford and named Avalon. 1954 launch day photo below.
Avalon Launching Day

9 thoughts on “Avalon – Sam Ford Launch

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  2. AVALON is correct. She was built by Sam Ford in 1954 for Mr Mumme of Beachhaven. 26′ with a Morris Naviigator. Been on WW before I’m sure.


  3. Yes, Cam, I certainly know this vessel 😊
    This well loved, one owner launch was built by Sam Ford. Dad named her Avalon and launched her into the creek in 1954. Everything is still pretty much original, even the Morris Navigator petrol engine.
    Needs lots of TLC as she’s opened up a bit, but it’s time for Avalon to get her second owner.
    For more information please contact my son Tobias Forsyth on 0210694170.


  4. Ford used to call these 26 footers, his “famous non pounding design,” & I saw them advertised in the Sea Spray magazines of the day regularly. — KEN R


  5. Whilst I don’t know the name, she is definitely another one of the Sam Ford, (famous in their day,) 26 foot Ford designed & built, semi hard chine, launches, (refer John Richards LADY FAY, posted a few months back), of which he built a good number, between about 1947 &1955, & by her coamings which are almost certainly original, I would think she wold be about 1948/50, & I don’t really think she has had anything added to the back, as to me, she looks about 26 feet, & as one can see all of the seams, there seems to be no sign of the butting of planks, although she does seem to have a longer cockpit than others I have seen.
    Love the “eye brows,” — that was something Ford did, right back in 1930, when he built my father’s JULIANA.
    Wonder if she has an engine, & if so, what it is? — KEN R


  6. Carol Forsyth will know everything about this boat.
    It was christened and launched not far from where it is at present.


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