Kingfish Lodge – Whangaroa – Old Movie

I was sent todays movie by Sam Jaffe, whose grandparents Kevin (late) and Wendy Gilligan ran the Kingfish Lodge for several years in the 1970’s and owned the launch – Tuatahi. The movie is actually a 12 minute promotional movie for Marlin depth sounders, made in c.1975/76. Sam and his Nana (Wendy) had it converted from an old 16mm film earlier this year. As you’ll see, it’s set in Whangaroa and Sam is fairly certain their old launch Tuatahi is visible at 2:46 and at several other times – Sam also spotted – Margaret Anne and Lady Doreen.

At 3:26 Sam’s grandfather Kevin (known to most as Kev) is the guy who steps out of the plane and later is seen reeling in the ‘marlin’. The whole playing of the marlin was made up – Kev was just playing a bucket for the cameras according to Sam’s Nana because they didn’t catch anything the day they went out. Nana is visible at about 10:14 with Sam’s Mum pulling in a small fish on their speedboat. 
Its a great movie for a chilled out Boxing Day – enjoy 🙂

3 thoughts on “Kingfish Lodge – Whangaroa – Old Movie

  1. you have struck a lovely cord to see Whangaroa and kingfisher lodge Marlin hotel takes u all back to what it used to be thank you very much xx


  2. Thanks for the memories. We owned Kingfish Lodge 1985/93…. and survived!
    Richard & Carrie Barron.


  3. Just fantastic and full of many memories for me, I worked at Kingfish Lodge, on and of over a few years, 1976-1978 and knew the Gilligans well, am fb with Kaye and visit her when in NZ….knew Snooks and Lola also, thanks for sharing…


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