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Launch With No Name .  Aries
Todays 45’ launch was built in 1957 by Owen Woolley. She is built from twin planked kauri and powered by 120hp Ford diesel engines that push her along at 8>10 knots.
She is big old girl – with a 14’ beam.
The photos probably do not do the boat justice, on face value – she appears to be very well appointed.
Thanks to Ian MacDonald for the tme heads up.
Can anyone put a name to the boat – she calls Gulf Harbour name.

5 thoughts on “Aries

  1. Oh and a pair of garden sheers and hacking saw would remove the superfluous excrescence on top and thereby improve the looks no end. If the weather is too tough on your complexion, you can always retreat down below.


  2. Sure is, It’s Aries. Was owned by Ed Carter who always planned for the frying bridge but she never got it in his ownership. I think that it enhances her -well done. She had two Commer diesels which were smooth and gave her a good turn of speed but constituted a mass of machinery beneath yer feet.


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