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A question today, in the b/wphoto above the caption states that the photo is of the start of a 1904 Oil & Steam Race, which the launch Matareka in the foreground, went on to win. So the question is – is the boat actually Matareka II that was built in 1907 by the Logans, if so could the newspaper caption be wrong? Or is it another boat ?
You can read / see more on Matareka II at the WW link below

Recently on the Classics Woody Weekend Cruise up the Wairoa River to the Clevedon Cruising Club, I spotted Matareka II on the pile moorings near the Brookland Boating Club. These days she is owned by boatbuilder – Peter Brookes, and serves as the family Hauraki Gulf cruiser.
Help Required ID’ing The Launch Below
Yesterday I was contacted by Chris Staub, who has recently purchased the boat in the photos below from the previous owner in Milford Marina in Auckland. 
Chris doesn’t have much information on the boat but was hoping to uncover some of boats history, 
Here’s what Chris knows:
• The boats name is Karanada
• Rumour has it she was built in Nelson c.1965
• The last two owners have kept it her in Milford marina for 10 years.
Chris works in the marina industry and intends restoring her to as close to as launch as he can – therefore any old photos, before box was added 🙂 would be appreciated.

4 thoughts on “Matareka

  1. Just a layman’s observation, the angles of the bow and the stern are different between the 1907 Matareka in the foreground of the B/W photo and the current Matareka.


  2. This MATAREKA was built in November 1903 by Logan Bros for W.S. Whitley of the Colonial Ammunition Co. He sold her to G.M. Yerex of Tauranga when MATAREKA II was built in September 1907. See “Vintage NZ Launches” available from Boat Books .


  3. Nath is spot on of course.

    Logically, when there is only one Matareka on the harbour, she will just be named as ‘Matareka’. For Matareka II to even exist, there had to be an earlier Matareka.

    Time travel from 1907 to 1904 was, and still is, quite difficult, although HDK has been working on it.

    There are photos of both W.S. Whitley’s Matarekas in Winkelmann’s waitemata


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