Southern Woodys



Southern Woodys

Recently Kiwi woody, John Sloane, based in Macau, was back ‘home’ and sent in the above photos from a visit to the Te Ana Marina in Lyttelton.
A nice mix of working boats, some still active and some converts to a more leisurely life.
Spotted were – Roamer, Kahawai, Manurere, Manatee and Snark.
Look out for Sundays WW story, I have a stunning gallery of photos from Bay of Islands photographer, Dean Wright, of the Captain Cook – Endeavour replica and accompanying Waka. Tease photo below 😉
Note: as always with photos that appear on WW, copyright applies.
20191107-_DHW7521 copy

1 thought on “Southern Woodys

  1. Hi all
    Just reading through some articles on a wet Sunday and came across this southern woodies post, am wondering if anyone has any recollection of the Diamond harbour ferry Ngatiki and her fate after being hit by a tug in the late 80’s early 90’s?.
    Had quite a few trips across the harbour on her anxd as a kid was most fasinated by the roar of her single 2 stroke engine screaming away, I remember the skipper as Denis?


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