I have been having ongoing chat with Bay of Islands woody and photographer Dean Wright, he is about to undertake a build / installation of a new wheelhouse for his almost 100 year old (99) 33’ Bob Brown built ex gaff rigged cutter – Arethusa, these days presented in work-boat / launch style.  The wheelhouse will be made from Iroko and the big question is yellow or red Uroxsys (Allwood) primer.
Dean sent me a sample of the timber and I have done a 1/2 and 1/2 varnishing job – the result? Not much between it, slight golden tinge to the yellow section. I think the natural colour of the Iroko is just so strong that the primer tint makes little difference.
I have attached at the bottom of the story a photo comparison of the existing wheel house and the plan for the new one – very smart.
Anyone back to todays story – Dean email me mid-week and said “check out what’s parked in our bay tonight” and sent the above photos of the 49’ Highlander. Designed by Roger Carey but not built by Careys. Wheelhouse designed by Don and Peter McManaway.
Dean mentioned Highlander was featured (page 127) in the 1988 book ‘By Boats We Live”, written by Joan Clark. The book records the history of the boats built by Roger Carey. I have reproduced the page below, have a read – its very good
Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 10.46.30 AM
Arethusa – New Wheelhouse

6 thoughts on “Highlander

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  2. JB Would be interested in the new wheelhouse for Arethusa. He was parked beside her while waiting for a marina in Doves Bay. Johns words “Interesting boats we saw cruising at Christmas. What a buzz to see Pickmere’s Arethusa sitting right there in Opito”.


  3. We used red primer on some of the lighter colour Iroko on our cabin coamings and it came out like mahogany, which is exactly what we were after. For the darker boards we primed in clear. Both red and clear primed are getting darker under the light.


  4. Summer Wine has been coated in Uroxsys first in yellow and this year in red. The red is without doubt the better of the two, at least on our mahogany coamings.


  5. Merv Bishell was my uncle, and I well remember the bare hull sitting in his barn at “Caythorpe”.
    IIRC he gave up on the project after a dispute with the IRD over whether or not the wages of the two boatbuilders (somebody) Jones and Frank Darbyshire (Derbyshire??) could be classed as farm labour.


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