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Todays vessel, Orere is pictured here on 16th October 1923. Harold Kidd has commented that she was built by the Auckland Harbour Board in 1921.
For a work-boat she is rather pretty.
Can anyone tell us the designer and what became of her.
Harold Kidd Input – She was designed by Bill Clare, like TE HAURAKI. She was still on AHB strength until 1940 at least.
‘Des Townson – A Sailing Legacy’ book winner
Yesterdays quiz / draw for a copy of the 334 page just released book was won by John Hunter, Taupo . John correctly told us that there were 116,000 words in the book. The answer was discoverable on the Des Townson website. FYI it was the most entries WW has ever received for an on-line competition. Many thanks to everyone for entering, fingers crossed I’ll do another one prior to Xmas.
Well done John and for the everyone else, copies are available to buy at the link    https://destownson.co.nz . It is a limited print run so I would suggest you grab a copy, before it sells out. Perfect Xmas present for yourself 🙂
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RSVP– you and your boats name + approx. numbers to sueedwards@xtra.co.nz

6 thoughts on “Orere

  1. Yes Chris that would be Arahi.
    When Te Waka went private an odd looking stumpy counter stern was added. I was so pleased that Te Hauraki was saved.


  2. Hi Dave Pretty sure from memory they had a mk 1 Corsair named Arahi. It was a sedan which a large main hatch so two people could stand side by side now private boat last seen at Half MoonBay


  3. Oops I forgot the AHB launch ARAHI.
    In I think the 1980’s they had built another ARAHI as a survey launch.


  4. Working as a seagull on the wharves from 1953 I fell in love with all those boats although FERRO was my favourite.


  5. By the late 60’s AHB woodys were
    Akarana Waitemata Manukau Ferro Orere Te Hauraki Te Waka Te Tui. plus a couple of sculling punts which worked with the dredges.


  6. She was designed by Bill Clare, like TE HAURAKI. She was still on AHB strength until 1940 at least.


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