Lady Gay On Sydney Harbour


New Australian Home For Lady Gay

It appears the dockside rumours are true, the photos below confirms that the 1935 Colin Wild built launch Lady Gay is now residing on Sydney Harbour, Australia. I hope someone has paid the bond………………

Update 08-10-2019 – I have been told Lady Gay posted a substantial bond for her return to NZL. She is on a 3-year leave from NZL to cruise the Australian East Coast.



Photo below of Lady Gay at Palm Beach, Waiheke Island (Jan, 2019), ex John Simpson


3 thoughts on “Lady Gay On Sydney Harbour

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  2. Very Many Thanks, Alan.

    But how, when and at what/whose considerable cost did the magnificent Lady Gay make her gracious way from Palm Beach, Waiheke Island – as pictured by our family in January this year (attached) – to Sydney Harbour?

    We will miss admiring Lady Gay on our next Waiheke summer holidays.
    A trip to Sydney may have to be on the cards!

    Best regards,
    John C. Simpson
    Melbourne Australia


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