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MYSTERY LAUNCH 27-08-2019. Maristella

The above launch is seen here in the flotilla of pleasure craft welcoming the SS Gothic into Auckland in 1953.

As mentioned previously SS Gothic had very special cargo aboard – the Queen.
Can anyone ID the launch? Its been ID’ed as the 1936, Sam Ford built – Maristella. Details at the WW link below

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16 thoughts on “Maristella

  1. She is not MATATAHI as she is too long & has a much bigger & nicer shaped & formed bridgedeck. — KEN R


  2. John I agree, but 1 less window/door worth of length in the bridge, and a slightly different cockpit from current, and largely different cockpit from movie footage era?


  3. I don’t think that’s the MARISTELLA, she was always built in to the tuck like REHIA, AMOKURA etc., with no dodger, — at least from 1948 onwards anyway. I remember her so well, under the bridge at Wakatakataka Bay c1947/48 right by Tamaki Drive, at which time she had a Graymarine Diesel — 4/53 or 4 /71 from recall, & the boat in the pic., also almost certainly had a petrol engine because there is massive amounts of steam from her side exhaust which is caused by the much hotter exhaust of petrol engines, especially when they’re salt water cooled. — I never ever saw a Graymarine with that much steam ever, & I don’t see why anyone would have taken out the Graymarine & fitted a petrol engine, & I also know she had it, when she was in Wellington, later in life (c.1954). — KEN R


  4. Maristella was my childhood dreamboat when I lived overlooking the harbour at Mana where she was berthed in the 60s. I made a working balsa wood model of her.
    I think she still.lives at Mana but not as glamourous as she once was with her varnished cabin sides.

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  5. The grainy pic from the newspaper shows what appears to be Juanita and the dates fit with her still being in the first flush of youth and a local boat, but as with all these things there are somewhat less first hand witnesses around to corroborate the story!


  6. Was wondering if there are any more photos of that day? Our Juanita was one of the launches in attendance and I have a copy of a rather grainy old clipping showing the Royal Salute off North Head with the flotilla of launches in the background. The caption reads: NO RAIN COULD DAMPEN THE HARBOUR WELCOME THAT AWAITED THE QUEEN: STATELY ENTRY OF THE ROYAL YACHT GOTHIC. A WHITE LADY VEILED IN GREY.

    Nick – there are photos, but I can not site Juanita in any of the ones I have. Alan H


  7. She is indeed a beautiful & big later 1930s early 40s Sam Ford, & probably one we should all know, but like everyone else so far, I cannot positively identify her — am dying to know, so hope someone can help with a correct ID.

    I think she is rather stunning, & quite like LADY KARITA– KEN R


  8. She’s a Sam Ford boat. Don’t remember one in the early daze with a frying bridge like that.


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