Woody Baden Pascoe spotted Spartacus parked up at Waipapa in the far north. Baden commented that his thoughts were she was ex NZ or UK Navy. Can anyone enlighten us on her origins and what she is up to at Waipapa?

6 thoughts on “Spartacus

  1. If length is correct, she looks like a Ex RN 25ft Motor Cutter, often originally powered by 2cly Dorman Diesel (about 20hp) some had ‘Kitchen’ rudders. They usually had a bow and an amidships shelter.


  2. Would anybody just be allowed to go and look at her? Would somebody have a contact name or even just an address?


  3. Yes – a standard RN 32 foot double banked pulling boat (cutter).

    The smaller RN pulling boat was the single banked 27 foot Montague whaler. Both used by the RNZN here.


  4. Can’t for the life of me remember details, but I’m pretty sure the launch in the first pic is still around. A vague memory says I saw her in a yard, but not a boatyard. I’m sure someone will Id her in short order, though.
    Yes, it was the first visit by a reigning monarch. At that point the Royal Yacht “Britannia” was not completed, hence the chartering (and repainting white) of the “Gothic”.
    I’d be willing to make a small wager that the clinker built “Spartacus” was originally a navy cutter, now with an extended deadwood to carry the prop shaft and a “goofy house” bunged on top. Last time I saw one in (almost) its original form it belonged to the Outward Bound School at Anakiwa.


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