The Portland




Several months ago Thames woody, Clive Monds was visiting  the Catlins area at the bottom of the South Island and chanced upon The Portland moored at the mouth of the Catlins River, see location map/photo below.

Unfortunately he was en-route to rendezvous with people so did not have much time but he did glean the following from people who lived close by.
The Portland arrived from ‘up north’ some years ago with intentions to be used for some tourism venture. She had, it seemed from the twin stacks been repowered at some point. The venture has not come to pass and she has sat for some time, rotting into the mud. There was talk to the effect ‘you could have bought her for $5’. People Clive spoke to had no idea what is happening to her. 
Clive is interested if some to learn more about the vessel – can anyone shed light on her origins etc. ?

8 thoughts on “The Portland

  1. re DAISY MAY, Bailey & Lowe ceased business under that name in 1928. Any other clues?


  2. I believe the steering wheel is with the Mapua museum.
    It hit the Bark Bay reef in 1934 with load of coal from Puponga, heading to Nelson. It was patched and floated off on the next high tide, before being beached at Bark Bay for further repairs.
    So few scows left that were a huge cog in NZ history. Would be a shame to lose another, but looks certain for the the Portland now.


  3. The launch Daisy May,Bailey and Lowe built 1960s?does anyone have any history on her.Regards Allan


  4. “The Portland” has a handed pair of 4L3 gardners. She played at being tempoary submarine a few times whilst moored down there. Shes now adopted the sub part full time at high water.


  5. In 1978 I was mate on the steam tug Otago. We were taking her from Dunedin to Port Taranaki for Burns Hubber. The “bosun?” was from the Owaka area and owned The Portland.
    He had removed the centercase. I knew then that that was her death knell.
    She was built to transport cement from Whangarei to Auckland. She was registered as THE PORTLAND


  6. Hi Robbie Williams here I was shipping agent at port motueka for the Portland in the 1960s I could give you a lot about her but for a brief history I refer you to the web site the scows of port Nelson cheers ROBBIE


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