Ranui – 4sale

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RANUI – A Peek Down Below
The 48’ Rangi was built in 1948 by the Lidgard Brothers to mirror the USA Chris Craft vessels of the same era. Her power is via twin 120hp Ford diesels that see her cruising at a comfortable 8.5 knots/
Ranui under went a major refit in 2011 and again in 2017. Work included – complete hull restoration and full hull topsides, repainted, new glassed decking all round. Also vanish restoration, new electronics, new plumbing new toughened glass all round. In 2011 a total motor rebuild on both 120 Fords and engine bay upgrade.
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5 thoughts on “Ranui – 4sale

  1. I remember the “Ranui” being involved in big game fishing out of Tauranga in the late 50’s —- early 60’s out to Mayor Island, when I was a kid!! {now I’m 70yrs old} —— My old man was Joe Raymond, who skippered several launches, doing the same thing!! ——- Cheers >>>>>> It’s “a nice piece of BOAT” ———- Michael J Raymond


  2. If the hydraulic connections were swapped over, or mechanical linkage, would this solve the issue. Or would the gearbox thrust bearing be compromised? Just a thought

    I suspect there is no issue – some peoples memories are fuzzy. Alan H


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  5. She does looking stunning in these images.

    Interestingly when she was refurbished at Gulf harbour several years ago I discovered that both engines turned the same way, which was unfortunate, because she must be loosing much of the manoeuvrability, that twin engine boats possess, when the engines counter rotate, (usually turning outwards, except for some special high speed craft).
    Hopefully, someone will have, or will in the future, fit one gearbox that turns the opposite direction. I know they will be amazed at the huge difference this usually makes — KEN R


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