Ruahine > Whizzbang SOS

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Ruahine, previously named Whizzbang is in need of urgent help / saving. The Taupo Harbourmaster has put the 26’ woody up for disposal (landfill) if no one acquires her before 21st July.
Ruahine was previously berthed at Nukuhau Marina, Taupo – where she was abandoned. She can be viewed on the hard at Lake Taupo Marina.
She was appeared before on WW (2013) but sadly she has ’slipped’ in terms of maintenance / presentation – hopefully someone will save her and return her to her previous state. Make sure you read the comments section.
Powered by a 4 cya. Isuzu diesel.
There must be a woody looking for a low entry ($) project. Photo below of her in 2013, looking very smart.
If no one steps up and she is heading to the landfill – I want the forward cowl 😉

Update ex Paul Drake

The photo below shows RUAHINE  in happier times (c.1970’s) at Waihaha, Lake Taupo.
On her foredeck is Ray Perry who saved her the last time she was abandoned.
Paul commented that he wondered how many boats have the distinction of being abandoned twice in their lives, nearly 50 years apart?
She is certainly worthy of saving, and can get along quite quickly with her Isuzu.
Ruahine c.1970 ex Paul Drake
UPDATE 29-07-2019 GREAT NEWS !!!!

“Well, now I’m the new owner of ruahine formerly whizzbang.
She was delivered to my driveway last Saturday 27/7/19.
She seems to be in good nick. I plan to strip the hull, repair and repaint.
There is rot in the cockpit and a bit on the gunnal. So after hull it’ll be replace and rebuild the top. Inside will be a new refit.
Engine appears to be in working order, will give that an overhaul in time as well.
My go is to have her back in the lake by summer…..

I am very interested in any of her history, so if anyone can provide me with some leads on getting further info I’d really appreciate it.
I’ll keep you all updated with my progress.

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