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Ngaru’s trademe listing (thanks Ian McDonald) states that she is an old Sounds launch that made her way across Cook Strait to Wellington 20 years ago.
She has had the same owner for most of that time, but changed hands 18 months ago. During this period her current owner has undertaken a lot of system upgrades and caught up on her maintenance. Changing circumstances are the reason for the sale.
Ngaru is 27’ in length and powered by a Nissan LD20 diesel, that’s sees her cruising at 6 knots.
With some TLC Ngaru would make a perfect boat to enjoy Wellington Harbour and beyond.
Does any of the Southern woodys know more about her past?

4 thoughts on “Ngaru

  1. skookdog the current owner is myself. Dick Hall. I would love to know more about Ngaru’s Provenence.


  2. One of Ernie Lane’s. Owned by Ian Baldick for many years and used as a farm vessel. Had a cockpit and a heck of a lot lower house in those days.


  3. Don’t recognise her, but I’d guess her appearance has changed quite considerably from her original conformation.While that wheelhouse looks quite well proportioned per se, it’s somewhat to big for her hull and would have a deleterious effect on her stability – she’s too small for a walk-in wheelhouse.


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