Gay Dawn – A Peek Down Below

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Gay Dawn –  A Peek Down Below
Thanks to GD popping up for sale on trademe, we get to have a peek down below. Her listing states she is 36’, if this is the case she has been stretched a tad because previous WW posts have her at 34’.
Search Gay Dawn in the WW search box to see read / see a lot more on this very tidy bridgedecker.


She was built by Bill Waters in 1950 in Auckland, kauri planked, hardwood ribs, kauri decks and glassed.
The zoom zoom comes from a Ford 120hp diesel underfloor in wheelhouse.


6 thoughts on “Gay Dawn – A Peek Down Below

  1. We bought the Gay Dawn 15 years ago and sold her 10 tears ago. We totally repainted her plus put the duck board on her and a number of other improvements.
    She was our first launch and she treated us well and taught us a lot of lessons.
    Sail well Gay Dawn
    Brett and Marg Lewis

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  3. Hi Bill for statistical purposes, it is usual, I my experience, to measure the hull at its longest points & not add on the appendages, but I do agree, that some marina owners require this however but at the end of the day her hull is of course, 34 feet. — KEN R


  4. Alan & Ken, For TGA.Marina LOA is 36ft includes bowsprit &duckboard,did not mean to exagerate.Bill Mitchinson.


  5. I have known her since the day she was launched & saw her go in the water in September 1953 (not 1950 as above), at Okahu Bay. My parents owned her from 1956 to 1971. She is still absolutely original, in both her interior & exterior & it is gratifying to see her so perfectly maintained. –KEN R (edited by AH)


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