Woody Weekend Coming Up

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This Sunday (14th) sees the CYA’s last launch hurrah for the summer – a cruise to the Riverhead Tavern. Conditions and timing are perfect and very civilised for a Sunday – 3m High Water @ 2.30pm, so we will be sliding up the ‘creek’ at 12>12.30pm. Leaving the hotel around 3.30.
For those leaving from the city and further east – there will be a gathering in the vicinity of the harbour bridge around 11am , with a re-group off Lucus Creek at approx. 12pm.
The occasional person comments to me “what Riverhead again” – but these trips are a great boating day and we get to mix & mingle at a cool venue, it’s also perfect for inviting friends and family that normally wouldn’t attend events ‘at sea’. If you are boat-less, its only a 1/2 hr drive from the CBD, so no excuse for not making an appearance.
The food is very good – from a simple burger & fries to sometime a little more up market 🙂 all tastes and budgets are catered for, and you don’t even have to dine – just enjoy a fizzy beverage and chat on the deck.
Remember to bring your dinghy, and if your unsure as to the best spot to anchor, just follow someone who looks like they know what they are doing.
See you there.
If you’re reading this and you’re not a current Classic Yacht Association member, tag along and find out what you have been missing.

2 thoughts on “Woody Weekend Coming Up

  1. Thanks Graeme – yes I saw the 12pm Harbour Bridge time – I have advised the CYA that this is too late – HW is 2.30pm and we normally enter the upper creek area just b4 2 hours off HW, so 12/12:15pm.
    It takes most people an hour+ to get to Lucus Creek (Salthouses) from the Harbour Bridge so departure ex Harbour Bridge would need to be at 11am.
    Also let them know about the date mix up – I image there will be a oops email going out 😉
    Cheers Alan


  2. A good event and promo for it Alan – you may want to check / correct the timing – CYA announcement said “We will gather just above the harbour bridge at 1200 ” – (although they managed to get the date wrong in the general text) maybe this is a handicap event – you do seem to have a knack of getting to the bar first. It would be good to get clarity so we only have one line of boats in Indian file going up.


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