The Launching of Josephine


Mike Mahoney brings her alongside




Steve Cranch




If you were out and about in the vicinity of Westhaven Marina on Sunday you would have heard an unusual sound coming from the Royal NZ Yacht Squadron – the sound of two Chev Corvette engines pumping out 800+hp warming up. Not an everyday sound for the RNZYS 🙂
The source of the noise was Mike & Tracy Mahoney’s latest additional to their fleet – Josephine, a NZ custom built 28’ Riva speedboat. Two of NZ’s most talented woody craftsman – Mark Robinson and Steve Cranch collaborated over 2 years to build Josephine for Mike. There is so much smart thinking gone into this build – check out the anchor, and Steve tells me it actually works as an anchor – it’s been well ‘road tested’ on Rainbird, Steve’s classic woody yacht. Most items have been designed and manufactured in NZ.
Even thou they have been fitted with mufflers – the very dignified sound of the Corvette V8’s at idle gives you a hint to the 50mph power lurking below. Open up the throttles a little and your ears experience a very retro cool sound – check out the video below to hear them (turn the sound up).

6 thoughts on “The Launching of Josephine

  1. Absolutely stunning! What a beautiful build. Its great to see some big noisy gas guzzlers in there rather than a pair of yanmars too!

    Not to discredit and incredible build and product, but please say Riva replica given it didn’t come off the (almost holy) factory floor in Sarnico.


  2. Is that a Spirit of Tradition boat or a Waitemata Woody?
    Alan you should be classifying each boat when photographed and published.
    I think the builders are due full credit for being craftsman in wood.

    Alan H reply – I had already classified it in the Spirit of Tradition category, scroll down to the bottom of the listing & you will see this.
    The reality is I decide what is & isn’t a waitematawoody and this one is 🙂

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  3. Dont worry about the anchor -its a speedboat powered by two Corvette engines so the question remains -how fast?
    It must be the time of year, two more varnished mahog speedboats on the hard at Pier 21


  4. ABSOLUTELY MAGNIFICENT!!!! — Almost a sistership for LOLA — refer waitematawoodys post 27.5.13 — KEN R


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