the mahi 1

the mahi 3


The photos above of Mahi were sent in by Jeff Norris, whose friend owns her. She is kept on a ‘mooring’ at the Northern Wairoa Boat Club.
She is a very salty looking craft, with I suspect a work boat past.
Can anyone tell us more about Mahi?
And I have to give the owner a 10/10 for the paint job, big call when looking at the paint charts but she looks perfect – well done you. In fact if the skipper is size 2XL or above I’ll give him a WW t-shirt (did a few too many bigger ones in the last print run – but woodies – after size XL , the 2nd most popular size ordered was 3XL)
With good luck – I should be heading up to Mahurangi today for the weekends classic wooden boating event of the year 🙂
WW T's - Sky Blue:Denim

3 thoughts on “Mahi

  1. Mahi was owned by George Wallbank of Onehunga in the early 70s, and was kept at Onehunga wharf for some time. The blue paint on the hull of Waima looks the same colour,, Maybe called Dargaville blue..I will talk to Tom Wallbank who is a neighbour of mine, and see if he has a photo of Mahi from the 70s.


  2. Good name for a workboat. MAHI = WORK in Maori,.
    She was built by Archie Baker and Viv McLeod of Helensville in 1936 as a towing/passenger vessel on the Kaipara. Strictly speaking she is MAHI II as Bailey & Lowe had built an earlier MAHI in 1902, also a British Registered Ship. She was fitted with a 27hp something.


  3. I remember Mahi at Waiheke Island when owned by Malcolm McDonald.He sold her back to the Kaipara a number of years ago. Saw her at Dargaville last time I was there.There is an old photo of her in a book of mine of her towing a barge load of sheep on the Kaipara when owned by Archie Baker.Don’t think I agree with her current livery, though!


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