Lady Vee (Laura May)

lady vee

LADY VEE (Laura May)

Todays woody is the launch Lady Vee, photo ex Peter Loughlin & taken on Peter Xmas / NY cruise on Lady Margaret (Colin Wild).

LV drew a blank with me, but no doubt she will be well known to some of you, so don’t hold back – what do we know about her?

Input from Brian Worthington – She is ‘Laura May’ ( renamed Lady V ) built by Oliver and Gilpin .
Has had a few modifictions on topsides since it was launched.

Photo below of Lady Vee in Chamberlains Bay ex Jason Prew

lady vee chamberlains bay


14 thoughts on “Lady Vee (Laura May)

  1. Would anybody know where the lady vee launch now is.
    We had many trips on it when it belonged to George mckelwee who renamed it to lady vee.

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  2. hello to all-just letting you know that my grandfather owned lady vee in the 70’s and 80’s-contact myself Andrew Neunz-09 4447115(my work number),for more info-cheers

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  3. This is a photo taken before her 6 months out of the water at Geoff Bagnall’s Milford Marine. Geoff did a lovely job on her, inside and out, top to bottom
    At last she is a boat to be proud of again


  4. I spoke with the owner of Lady Vee this morning in Te Kouma – told him his boat had turned up on WW. It’s an Oliver Gilbert – maybe he will provide more info


  5. We are now the owners of the Lady Vee. She is an Oliver and Gillingham built in 1966 , 48 feet overall and 17 foot beam.She has served us well as a comfortable liveaboard for the last 11 years. Ok she is not fast (9 knots ) but sometimes you got for comfort. If anyone has any idea who ‘Vee’is we would love to know.
    We use her often all year round.
    Susan and John Bowman.


  6. At one time she was owned by John Robinson (JR) who I worked with at Simunovich for quite a while. He used it as a live aboard. He owned it around the early 2000’s (may still own it?!)


  7. Laura May ( renamed Lady V ) built by Oliver and Gilpin .
    Has had a few modifictions on topsides since it was launched.


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