Hidden Agenda




I have been contacted by Alan Craig from Craig Marine about the the Lake Rotoiti launch Hidden Agenda, which is currently at Alan’s yard for a serious re-fit.
The Hidden Agenda was the boat that’s been at the Lake Rotoiti hot pools for some years, Alan thinks the Cameron’s brought it to the lake from Whakatane, where it was a bit of a patrol boat or similar. She crossed the Whakatane bar regularly. Power was from an old Volvo diesel – 2cylinder 20hp.
While it has different cabin additions over the years, Alan believes the hull is quite old and guesses it was a flush decker with small dodger originally. Where the cabin companion way is now, the deck beams are short which is where a louvered hatch would have been. And on the house sides there are opening port holes that have been filled and covered. She’s not very long, 22′ 7″ x 6’6″. Was possibly used up rivers, lakes for carting goods?
She has been living a good retired life on Rotoiti, and now getting a birthday so it can continue in good health. The tired Volvo is being replaced with an outboard hidden in the back (sorry but traditional has been beaten by practical this time)  and new cabin and seating etc.
Alan would love to know the age of the hull? Any suggestion or does anyone know the boat?

4 thoughts on “Hidden Agenda

  1. Hi Alan, Rhys van sitter (manager at the hot pools) last owner of that beautiful old girl. She served us well for the few years we had her and if the old Volvo hadn’t given up she would probably still be with us. I am very pleased though that she is getting the retirement that she deserves other than the working life she had under our care. I believe Harold to be correct that she is a Collins and bell and as the story goes was built around 1920 and first operating out of Bowentown (north of Matakana island BOP) before she moved to Whakatane. As the story goes…
    Tony M. from Otaramarae was the one who rebuilt the cabin when she first arrived at the lake (he has got photos of how she looked originally) and also a better knowledge of her history. Give him a bell…
    Happy new year mate and can’t wait to see her when you’ve finished.


  2. Well ARATU is a different kettle of fish. She was a thoroughbred centreboard yacht built by Arch Logan in 1923 for the Wiseman brothers and was one of the crack 16 footers racing in Auckland for many years. I think Alan would know as well as anybody in what form HIDDEN AGENDA started life. No sign of a centreboard slot I imagine? She does look quite like the stock Collings & Bell C.& B. design of little launch c1912 which was much imitated.


  3. Looking Good in Traditional Rotoiti colours , similar to ARATU without the mast, Droffin , jigging rods and ballast .


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