A Peek Inside Dave Jackson’s Shed




A Peek Inside Dave Jackson’s Shed

Woody Dave Walker recently sent me these photos of Dave Jackson at work in his Warkworth workshop.
In the above photos we see Dave working on a 8’ clinker (ply) dinghy of his own design, in the background (more photos below) is a 16’ day-sailer he built, again own design.
It’s great to see that such a talented man is still turning out fine craft. Dave would list is age as 80+ so well done I say. The dinghy looks ace.
Need A Trailer?
Laughing Lady’s owner James Dreyer, has kindly made an offer to loan his beast of a trailer to anyone starting a restoration & needing a trailer.
It currently has Jason Prew’s – My Girl onboard (see below) but will be free very soon.
The trailer can easily deal with 35′ x 10′ and 12 tons.  Pintle eye type trailer hitch.  New wheel bearings and great tyres.
Disclaimer is the air brakes are not operational nor is it road legal.  It has covered Tauranga > Whangateau > Auckland with ease behind a large truck. James is happy for the bunks to be modified as & where needed, as long as it is returned to as found when done.
Anyone interested can contact James as below:

4 thoughts on “A Peek Inside Dave Jackson’s Shed

  1. Summed up nicely Harold! Dave was a great mullety man too. He designed and built several – some were Tere Kanae L47, Karros L20, Vibrate L55 which sunk near Leigh . The crew were ok but the mullety was never found! Also winning the Lipton Cup.
    Dave currently runs a lovely launch he designed and built and is part of the woodwork at the Sandspit Yacht Club. He drives the tractor for haul outs and is a no nonsense bloke.


  2. I think he may have worked for Barry Jones at Matakana a bit, in the later 70s, & worked on my boat TIARRI, when she was in the latter stages being built for me, by Barry . — KEN R


  3. If it’s the same Dave Jackson that had a ‘shop’ on the Devonport waterfront in the 1950’s then it is he who built a mast for my Cherub in 1959. A nice job he made too!
    I am most impressed with his clinker work you have shown. I am 76 and was 17 then – he must be mid/late 80’s. Did he crew on the L class Tamariki ?


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