Mizpah 1

Mazpah 2


The 1st photo above shows the launch Mizpah at a jetty in Crail Bay, Pelorus Sound, dated c.1900’s.
Harold Kidd has commented that she was built in Dunedin c.1904 most likely by Jas M’Pherson for FJ Sullivan. M’Pherson had him also build the hire launches Moana & Maitai around the same time.
Sullivan bought a fishing company in Pelorus in 1905 & shipped Mizpah up there. By 1909 she was being used as a passenger & hire vessel from Pelorus by JW Taylor of Kenepuru. In 1924 she was taken to Wellington & survived there under that name into the 1930’s. She had a 20hp Standard engine around 1920’s but was re-engined in 1929. Her dimensions were 40’x8’6”x3’.
(photo is ex Lew Redwood fb)

5 thoughts on “Mizpah

  1. Of course Simon! The planking merged into the water for me. The MIZPAH Ken refers to was one of several yachts of that name. She was a centreboard 2.5 rater built by Logan Bros for A.L. Wilson of the NZ Herald in late 1895. She wasn’t very successful at racing and spent a lot of her life as an auxiliary with a cut down rig. Ross Norgrove rescued her post WW2 but she died at Okahu Bay c1958.


  2. There was also a 1800s or early 1900s yacht called MIZPAH owned by a Pt Chev., Avondale pharmacist, called Tom?? in the 1950/60s, from recall probably a Logan or Bailey.
    Does anyone recall her & know what happened to her. Used to do winter maintenance on the Okahu Bay hardstand in that era — KEN R


  3. She appears o have an exhaust pipe out each side — unusual for that era, in my experience (unless a boat had 2 engines of course) — KEN R


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