Build Me Straight – A Wooden Boat Building Film



Build Me Straight Film

I was sent this video clip (film) by Cameron Pollard of the planning, building & launching of a traditional wooden boat. It is great viewing, but be warned the music is bad 🙂

It is reproduced with the permission of the Scottish Screen Archive & the National Library of Scotland.

Enjoy- it is very good.

And on the same subject, boatbuilding, a wee reminder to CYA members of today’s visit to Lees Boat Builders on-the-water yard at Sandspit. Kicks off at 11.00am, free sausage sizzle. It’s a working boat yard, so wear sensible shoes. See you there.



8 thoughts on “Build Me Straight – A Wooden Boat Building Film

  1. Mostly handtools and not a sheet of ply in sight. And the whole ship was carried up a plank a piece at a time. “These days you can’t get the wood you know.”
    Best ship building clip i,ve seen. Thanks, Keith


  2. Thanks for forwarding this film Cameron. I can remember being transfixed watching an old chap adzing the forefoot of a fishing vessel under construction at Shipbuilders in the late 50’s or early 60’s. It was coming off as if it were planed.


  3. Lovey poetic words to this story and I like the music as well. Love the scots accent. Not hard to see that these men live and breath wooden boat building. The builder would pass for Roger Carey.


  4. Thanks for linking this with woodys. I showed this to Jack Taylor a few years ago. He made me play it three times. Jack commented that the Maryred, the boat being built was built with unseasoned timber, a practice often used in the UK. This boat has stunning lines and she is still working. Same engine I understand. I love the look on the leading hand’s face as she is launched. I would be very proud as well.


  5. Amazing record , many thany thanks . As I watch I think of Jack Taylor and my old father in law , Theo Lowe , wish that they were here to enjoy it also .


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