Amakura II In the Old Days



Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 4.51.10 pm


The above b/w photos of the 1936 Colin Wild designed / built bridge-decker Amakura II came to us via Bruno Redwood’s facebook page.

Below is a recent –ish photo, while she has had an addition, she is still one of the most stunning woodys on the harbour.

You can read / see of her at the ww links below

Any ideas as to the location of the b/w photos? I suspect its off Colin’s Stanley Point Yard, The corrugated shed in the top photo is still there today, surrounded by Navy sports fields 😦

4 thoughts on “Amakura II In the Old Days

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  2. A scaled up Rehia -just gorgeous. Or was she before Rehia. Talua didn’t seem to work as well as either of her siblings. Amakura was lengthened (after the war??) and didn’t have that that aft dodger from memory. Or was it a low one with no big side windows. This set of pictures might be an interim set up before the BIG modernisation……


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