Mystery Launch 27-04-2018



Mystery Launch 27—4-2018

I was recently contacted by Brad (surname unknown), the new owner of the above woody, who is looking for more info the launch.

What we know is that he bought her off Manda Bishop who bought the boat off her cousin in Kaiwaka. Manda owned her approx. 2 years. Under Manda’s ownership she was located at Wainui.

She is 30’ long, with a 9’ beam. Zoom zoom is via a Ford Lee marine, Model 2712 E, 4-cylinder motor.

The photos below of the decals, found on the boat, may help with ID’ing her.

Brad has re-located the launch to Pahi, where he will be restoring her.

Are we able to shed some more light on this woody?



5 thoughts on “Mystery Launch 27-04-2018

  1. Batten carvel. Easy to sort.
    ( I remember her down end of PCC marina westhaven 25 plus years ago)


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