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Proteus was built by Owen Woolley in 1968, she is 38’ in length & powered by twin Commer diesels. Current home is Chaffers Marina, Wellington. That folks is all her trademe listing tells us, can’t see her leaping of the listing sheets with that level of info……………..   Thanks to Ian McDonald for the listing heads up.

Do we know any more about her?



7 thoughts on “Proteus

  1. Yes, saw the listing and was on the way to wgtn around that time and about taumaranui saw her being trailed North on a truck trailer. Agent told me she was headed to gulf harbour. Hope to see her out and about some day.


  2. I believe that Proteus was built for Noel Turner of VW fame. He and Ted Fort extensively fished the gulf and beyond for several years until Noels death in the early 70’s.


  3. Hi Alan i went abroad Proteus and liked layout and ended up buying Acheron having with Commer Diesels knew them well having worked with them. Like G Ms keep them quiet and they serve you well i had Acheron by lengthing her 4 feet was a good sea boat.


  4. Boat leaps out of the listing at me I’d have to say. Remember her and Acheron well -fine ships (although they were known by slightly different names in some circles at the time -amazing how altering the first part of the names had a humorous effect in our day -I still smile at the thought and owners probably not amused). Commers must be getting up in hours by now. A good comfy boat but get that bloody pram hood off -there is a lower helm position if your hair is getting thin and you don’t want to wear a potae. Good looking as you got to expect from Owen Woolley.


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