Mystery Lidgard Launch

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 3.39.10 pm

Mystery Lidgard Launch

The above launch is only a mystery because the broker has not revealed her name.

I can tell you that she was built by Lidgard’s in 1955, is 35’ in length, with a 10’5” beam. She has a kauri planked hull. The zoom zoom comes from a 120hp Ford diesel & home is the Marlborough Sounds.

Any southern woodys able to ID this launch?


6 thoughts on “Mystery Lidgard Launch

  1. If that is Medway. Wasn’t it Medway that was in Whakatakataka Bay by the rail line over from the boat sheds in the late ’50s early ’60s?. She had a better disposition of the windows under the bikini deck -those ones look a tad awkward to my eye.


  2. Medway. She was once owned by the Cook Strait swimmer, Barry Davenport. Have to say she was in far better condition back then.


  3. She is called the MEDWAY, & have known her since virtually new, but recall is she, may not be built by Lidgards, but will need to delve to confirm this one way or the other. — Harold can you help with this? KEN R


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