Todays featured launch is Tuatea, in the photos above we see her weighing in a fish at Russell in 1984. At the time she was skippered by Hilton Polkinghorne.
She was previously owned by Morrie Mitchell of Russell for many years.
Photo from Dean Wright’s collection. The stubbie shorts are a blast from the past 🙂

Do we know any details on her design / build & where she is today?


8 thoughts on “Tuatea

  1. My family owned her around 1955, she was bought off a Mr Hopwood from Sarsfield St Herne Bay who was the original owner. and had a private slipway on his property. At the time it was powered by a 6 cyl Kermath petrol engine and did not have the apartment on top


  2. Tuatea (i think that’s Maori for “on a crest of a wave”) fished during the 60’s in the BOP based in Tauranga. I think she was launched around 1952 and built by Lanes. During her time in Tauranga she was a professional game boat skippered by Ron Elliott who also worked at Oliver and Gilpin. She is currently for sale on trademe. There are some great early pics of her on the classic launch site (some great pics on there of many classic game boats and launches – one early video also of game fishing in the BOI )


  3. Refer TUATEA 11.3.2014 — to see old & new images including thanks to trademe, a peep down below — KEN R


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