WW Isn’t Just About Photos of Old Woodys


New Zealand Traditional Boat Building School -Winter Maintenance Seminar
A few weeks ago I featured the re-opening of the school, this coming Saturday (19th), their first Seminar kicks off – the topic is a full day (9>3.00pm) Winter Maintenance Workshop with specialist speakers presenting on topics ranging from Diesel engine maintenance, batteries & electrical, sails & covers, marine sealants & common splicing – of interest to all larger boat owners. I know most of the presenters & can vouch that it will be a great day. Space is limited so check out the courses here http://nztbs.org.nz/files/d53cda0efa9205c5780be1e44b431880-53.html & if you are interested contact the school on this link http://nztbs.org.nz/contact/contact.php
I’ll be there – entry is via a donation – but let’s be clear, it’s not gold coin – given the speakers & that there is a BBQ lunch provided, I would like to think its $50+

Just received details on Saturdays Seminar – see below.

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 5.18.02 PM

Woodys Stuff
Via WW I get offered a lot of woody ‘stuff’, stuff that due to a wide range of circumstances the owner can no longer keep / store anymore. In the interests of domestic bliss I try to find homes for it ASAP – If you have anything woody related, before you bin it, send me a photo, that could be a woody that needs it 🙂
3 recent finds:

1. A brokered a deal across 3 woodys that involved a set of copper cowl vents – everyone will end up happy.

2. I was given a collection of Shipbuilders / SupaCraft plans & are currently finding homes for them, Mike Ryan was over the moon to learn I had a set for his launch Mahora. (the ones below are not of Mahora)


3. Woody, Keith Ottaway dropped off an almost mint copy of ‘Gardner Diesel Engine – Operating & Maintenance Manual’ – this will be a much appreciated additional to Jamie Hudson’s Lady Crossley library. Now speaking of LC & Jamie, my daughter was reading a fashion magazine called ‘Simply You’ (Spring/Summer 2017/18) & pointed out “one of those old boats you like” – turns out LC was the location for a 14 page fashion feature & the old sea-dog Jamie slipped in a cameo appearance 😉 See below.




Using WW To Find Something Woody Related

There are over 2,000 stories on WW & 15,000+ photos in the library, so if you are looking for something classic woody related – you have 2 options – either enter the word in the WW Search Box or click on the Tags that appear on the righthand side of the WW page , the tags cover most known boat builders, date/year, vessel length etc etc

And Don’t Forget To Grab A Copy Of The CYA Classic Register – only $15, email here to order one admin@classicyacht.org.nz

Ariki Restoration Open Day

If the suns shining today & you fancy a wee outing – pop down to The Landing @ Okahu Bay between 10am & 2.00pm to catch up on Ariki’s restoration project.

9 thoughts on “WW Isn’t Just About Photos of Old Woodys

  1. P.s. Just saw that those plans are for a 45 footer, Mahara was 35 or 36 when launched, later extended to 40ft + duckboard. Might not be my girl after all, dammit! Same hull lines tho. Still keen as a bean for a look over them. 😀


  2. I grew up across the road from Lane’s boatbuilders on the Tamaki river and have a memory of a pretty big fire at the back of the workshop that destroyed not only the plans stored there but the half models of probably all the boats built there. I only now realise what a huge loss that was – at the time I just thought it was a cool event with fire engines. Things do get lost in the museums catacombs so maybe the idea would be to digitally copy every plan found and store them on the interweb? They will be ok unless there’s an apocalypse, at which point they would be the least of our worries!


  3. Most of Tim Windsor’s/Shipbuilders blueprints went to the MM. Hopefully they are not in a black hole. From experience, I quailed at the thought of trying to access them when preparing my recent Boating NZ articles on Tim.


  4. I’d suggest the opposite. The Maritime Museum has proven itself in the past to be a perfect “black Hole” Stuff goes in, never to be seen or accessed ever again!


  5. It is great that you can supply “Mahora’s” plans to her current owner. Original or a copy? If the original, I hope a copy has been made.
    I would suggest that the proper place for historic boat designs like this is either the Maritime Museum or the RINA library, also housed at the museum. Far too many design have disappeared over the years, and it’s important that the survivors be preserve.


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