9 thoughts on “Good day to break out the 1995 crew jacket.

  1. Hi Alan

    I have a friend who needs some repaires made to a 27ft Montagu naval whaler. Can you recommend anyone with the skills to help him. The boat is in the Auckland area but I think it is on a trailer.

    Hope you can help.


    Jerry Payne

    021 486 013


  2. The Northcote Q Class lads were experimenting with foils on a 12 footer in 1958. Major Lane was using them successfully on his launch RIVAL in April 1915. So they’ve been around a while.

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  3. Doesn’t get any better than that……just shows what Kiwis can achieve and done in fine style. A day to be proud to be a New Zealander indeed!


  4. What a fantastic example of the innovation and desire to win, by a fantastic TEAM. And very proud to be a Kiwi.


  5. Amazing Day! The sun is shining (in a wintry sort of way) and the winning of the America’s Cup so convincingly and modestly makes you proud to be a New Zealander.


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