Korari II

Korari II a


Received an email the other day from Paul Clarke who purchased in December 2016 the very original 35′ Mason Clipper Korari II. She came from Picton, where she had spent many years, her last owner was a Jeremy Daley. Korari II came north to Auckland in February 2017. Her zoom zoom comes from twin 135hp Perkins.

Paul would love to know more details on her build & past.

12 thoughts on “Korari II

  1. Hi,

    The boat was originally purchased by William Chamberlain of Ellesmere in the early 80’s and passed on to Jeremy Daley on his death in 1996.


  2. Tell you what Alan if she is Cést la Vie i would love to restore her back to the the way she was especial if you can help fund the project (HA HA) or even find me a couple of 427FE’s


  3. Ha Alan this is getting very interesting i must say
    about when do you think she would have had her name change


  4. Unusual to change a clipper to look identical in the cabin to a number of early pelins…


  5. Hi Paul,
    best person to confirm this is Pete Miller, he is the guru on Clippers, suggest you get in touch with him.
    You definitely have Cést la Vie, there were only ever 2 Clipper 33’s built. Sure she has had alot of changes having been re-engined, cabin structure messed with and the interior changed around, principally moving the galley from the helm área to the saloon.
    I had vague ideas about buying her for a restoration, and spent a long time examining the old and new photos. If you look really carefully at the interior photos you can see alot of the original details.
    The lower side windows are still the original profile, but have the mullions added. The upper windows have been reshaped so the base no longer follows the lower “eyebrow” and the aft section of the cabin has been filled in to créate the bulkhead with the cockpit.
    It would be fantastic to see her returned to her original state and new engines to restore the original performance.


  6. when we saw her advertised she was listed as Clipper 36 she is having work done on her Nautique in west-park (that is a story in itself) so when next up there i will take more photos inside and out and post them
    Also looking through the old documents that were left on board it look like she was built around 1973
    The two drive trans look original


  7. Marina length perhaps? Or 33 plus duck?

    I agree that her profile is identical to CLV, but the interior appears so original and different to CLV, and what could have spurred the spray chine and window alterations? I would accept of course that the window shapes arent very Mason, his were nicer and,well, all the same.


  8. Have been chatting with Tony Mason’s son on Facebook, & he said his dad never built a 35 footer & he doesn’t know the name KORARI II — KEN R


  9. It is actually the same cabin structure, heavily modified. The forward facing windscreens have been changed from single curved panes to the three flat panes. The main cabin side Windows have had their lower sectons filled in.
    All changes were a retrograde step in my view.


  10. Hi are you saying korari 11 i was Cést la Vie i looked her up on Pete Miller’s Clipper web site and she is nothing like our Korari 11 inside or out including dash engines etc i cant see the resemblance but ?????


  11. She is Clipper Cést la Vie, we have discussed her before. Original pictures are on Pete Miller’s Clipper web site


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