Lady Karen

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Lady Karen was built in 1957 by Oliver & Gilpin & measures approx 41′. Power comes from 2 x Ford diesels of 80hp each giving her a cruise speed of 8kts.
Based in the Marlborogh Sounds & in MOSS survey her fit out & condition is very well presented for sale & could provide her purchaser with the ultimate boating / working lifestyle.

Do we know anything more about Lady Karen’s past?

28-03-2017 Some information on ‘Lady Karen’ ex Gordon Low
I am the current owner and have had Lady K for around 20 years. I purchased the boat from a Nelson boat builder and his wife, Dale & Jenny Pomeroy. They had owned the vessel for around 9 years after purchasing her from a Wairapa farmer, Hugh Beatham. He was the second owner.
She was built in Kauri & Mahogany near Tauranga and launched in 1957. I believe that she was the first of the larger launches built by Oliver & Gilpin primarily for game fishing out of Tauranga.
When we purchased Lady K, the idea was to develop a small boutique style charter business in Queen Charlotte Sound. We placed her in survey and have built up a successful business taking small groups of tourists on a stunning Sounds experience. She continues to be maintained to a high standard and received her new MOSS survey in December 2016.
I reluctantly placed Lady K on the market in February and hope that any prospective new owner will get as much pleasure out of her that I have.
I had the great fortune some years ago of being visited by one of the original builders, John Oliver. He had prepared for me a photographic history from Kauri tree to launching. This valuable piece of history takes pride of place in the wheelhouse and offers an insight into the effort that goes into building a classic timber launch.

10 thoughts on “Lady Karen

  1. He was our parish priest in Picton. We would go out on trips with him on the Lady Karen. I’m thinking mid to late 60s early 70s. I think he was Father Matt Griffin.


  2. Not being nit-piki Harold but the partnership of O&G was not formed until late 1962 with the build of “Noelani” 45ft. “Waimarei” 42 ft. and “Dorothy” 45ft.and a host of others before the partnership was deregistered in 1967 when Ted and Betty relocated to Cairns, Qld, returning to Tga. in 1973.
    I know Ted and Jimmy, shorty Mills , percy Ginders and many others were working for Willy but a lot of those lovely launches are labelled O&G by default. Some were built by Willy and John and several by John alone at Otemotai.


  3. Lady Karen was built by Willie and son John at Judea rd. Tauranga almost opposite the Greerton hotel, I didn’t think Ted was on the scene then.She gave him a big fright when it fell off a wave and did some damage while returning from Mayor Is. This happened very early in her life.


  4. Ted Gilpin told me that LADY KAREN was built about 1953 and was the first launch built by Oliver & Gilpin. Brian Worthington will have all the info that’s needed.


  5. IIRC she was owned about 40 years ago by a Wellington priest, though I cannot now remember his name.


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