Mystery Launch 26-01


Mystery Launch

This one could be a little harder than some of the recent mystery boats I have posted on ww 🙂 The photo was sent in by Nathan Herbert & all we know is the location is Mechanics Bay in the late 1930’s. Nathan’s only comment was that the hull has a Coulthard look.

So woodys anyone able to ID the launch closest the camera?

UPDATE 13-01-2019 Nathan Herbert believes he has tracked this launch down, see photo below from Motuoapa Marina, name on side is possibly ‘Lady Val’?



15 thoughts on “Mystery Launch 26-01

  1. She’s very like EILEEN PATRICIA/LINDEN in profile but there are too many differences in the superstructure considering a launch date of 1933 and this pic dated 1938 or thereabouts. Also I don’t think EILEEN PATRICIA was square bilge? Those piles were removed from Mechanics Bay in 1939.


  2. Looks like Linden to me, was owned by Tom Turnwald when I knew her moored at Sandspit for a number of years.


  3. It’s the piles which were put there as a ‘novel way of mooring a boat fore and aft’ when the flying boats needed more room and as such displaced some of the swing moorings. I gather they didn’t last long until their own space was required yet again.


  4. Yes has the look of EP …. However I would seriously question the location as being Mechanics Bay, further west I should think.


  5. I somewhat Agree, but see the launch ‘Rawene’ on here. She neither has a raised foredeck. This boat does however have possible too aggressive- a spray chine compared to Coulthard hard chiners.


  6. Also looks like SPINDRIFT in the coamings styling, but this boat has a hard chine & of course SPINDRIFT was a round bilge boat. — An exciting mystery & I hope someone can come up with her I.D. — wish I knew — Fascinating. – KEN R


  7. Hi, I don’t think its a Coulthard launch- too short in the bow and the little square windows/portholes were not a feature of my grandfathers original boats. Have checked in the family photo album and there’s nothing like the Mystery Launch there.


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