Turongo + Mahurangi Launch Parade Details




Woody Alan Sexton was anchored in Orokawa Bay, Bay of Islands, last week & while doing a dinghy run ashore he spotted Turongo on her mooring.
All we know about her is that she was built by Salthouses following Trinidad. Alan believes she was originally powered by twin V8 Cummins & is still Cummins powered, the exhausts suggest a pair of largish engines.

So woodys can we provide some more details on her. Given her current presentation, she is very well loved



Photo by Mark Lever

This coming weekend sees the staging of the Mahurangi Regatta, without a doubt, on a fine day it is the most spectacular gathering of wooden craft afloat in NZ. For those that are newish to the waitematawoodys site, just type Mahurangi Regatta in the ww search panel & you can view the previous years regatta’s.
On the day the main gig is the actual Mahurangi Regatta yacht race but in recent times the classic launches have been doing a parade on Saturday morning. The regatta organizing committee are notorious for their laid back ‘it will be all right on the day’ attitude so things are always a tad fluid when it comes to start times etc BUT I can tell you that the assembly point will be off Scotts Landing, we will depart there at 10am (a vessell will sound its horn x3 times), so be there early. We will proceed in ‘Indian file’ to Sullivans Bay. Attempts in previous years to be in chronological order have been a shambles & nearly ended in fistie cuffs -so the order will be a gentlemanly thing i.e. just merge like a zipper 🙂

We will approach Sullivans Bay via the right hand side of the bay, past the flagship – Jane Gillord, from where a specially marked (red buoys) fairway should be roughly in line with the driveway to the right of the old homestead down near the beach. Refer photo below. And also view at this link http://www.mahurangi.org.nz/2017/01/18/small-buoys-in-sullivans-bay/

We will enter the fairway to port to motor across the bay along the red buoy fairway. We will exit the fairway on a bearing towards Pudding Island, clear of which will be a buoy, refer photo.

If all goes to plan, we will do two laps. Its really very simple, as there will be a lead boat, so just stay in line & follow her. NOTE: There will be a minimum of 2m water in the fairway area.
After the parade, boats can head off to enjoy the rest of the day. Remember, the beach side BBQ at Scotts Landing on Saturday night is a must do – BYO food & drinks but BBQ’s provided. The prize giving is schedule for 6.30pm but most people head ashore around 5’ish. The ‘Prohibition Big Band’ will be playing in the marquee till late.

Whether you own a boat or not there is something for everyone during the day – check out details here http://www.mahurangi.org.nz/2016/01/14/2017-regatta-programme/

When you go ashore, bring some cash – the Mahurangi CC Yearbook (magazine) at $15 is great value & as always a cracker read.



Photo by Chris Miller

13 thoughts on “Turongo + Mahurangi Launch Parade Details

  1. Well old steamer when you motor into a bay where we are sitting look closely as we have the genuine RN gin pennant on board for such an occasion…


  2. After talking to Tony Butcher and reconfirming with John and Judy Salthouse Trinidad was built and launched in 1965 (as known) and Turongo in 1966. Turongo took thirteen months to build and after launching sat on a mooring for six months waiting for her two 250hp Cummins to arrive from the States both of which had been extracted from a tractor unit. They were installed and fitted out by both Tony and his father John who were in the engineering business. Even back then she performed like a bolting race horse. Furthermore the funnel was originally the real thing and not just an added item for effect or looks.


  3. Sorry, an observation or two: I always thought she could have done with a decent mast. She’s got various spikes sticking up, but nothing decent (IMHO) to put the house flag or cocktails flag on or even to fly such erudite groups of flags as IN2 from in times of dire need when cocktails ain’t going to hack it.
    I loved it in the ’60s and ’70s when the Squadroon used to talk about the “cockers flag” by which one extended a welcome to all in the bay to come and empty your grog locker. I guess that’s not in the RNZYS handbook these days. In those days some boats clinked when they rolled and the bilges were well packed at the start of the cruise but the bottles rolled as the stores went down..
    I can’t recall anyone flying the cocktail flag. Everyone had his drinking chums when afloat. It’s sortakinda a bit more social in the CYA these daze -maybe it should be reinstated.


  4. Yay, Russell! I was part right anyway. Richard and Kenneth had her. The synapses still making it.
    Yep, as I recall, she had the funnel, but never saw her going so can’t venture on whether it was patent or not. Yep, Mitchell (I think Trinidad’s owner) was tall and hence she was made to accommodate him. BTW He also owned Triton pre Joe Tatham and had the wheelhouse raised: You can see the join if you look closely. Also the windows look a bit too low and give her a frown.
    Now back to Turongo. Personally I wouldn’t want to be on her at 19+ Kn. She’d be right on top of her bow wave would she not? Was she designed to do that? What’s her run aft look like -any pix? Anybody got any pix of her scorching along?


  5. Hi I need to correct you. My father had Turongo built and she was the first of the two built. Trindad followed. The later having a higher wheel house as the owners were very tall. Turongo was sold to the carter brothers on my father’s death and as moored at Half Moon Bay.
    Sid Cuthbertson (nee Butcher)

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  6. Not a bad looking ship. But if you have a funnel why not use it instead of pretending.
    I am biased towards chimneys tho.


  7. Does anyone recall whether or not she had a funnel behind the wheelhouse originally, (may have been pained cream), or as that another one of that group of boats? – KEN R


  8. Turongo was built at the Salthouse yard about 18mths after Trinidad’s launching. They are considered sister ships (of sorts). Having that Turongo has twin motors she is beamier and her interior layout is somewhat different to Trinidad. Trinidad also had her cockpit closed in approx 1997 which has more or less turned her into a bridge decker. John Salthouse’s ear torn little black book states that Turongo was commissioned by a Mr Butcher, Tony Butchers father. We’ve seen her under way and confirm she goes like a scalded cat!! She can be found sitting on a mooring up at the Bay for the duration of the summer months. So nice to see her loved and cared for.


  9. Yes, delightful, owned by Robbie Mcdonald, and his father prior, and kept at Half Moon Bay for the last 25 years or so. Now got twin Cat 320hp fitted, so has seen around 19 knots WOT. Has been a well loved vessel throughout.

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  10. Looks the same as when I last saw her years ago -not mucked around with. Good to see. I have it somewhere in the recesses of my memory that she used to lie on the Tamaki somewhere round the Panmure Basin outlet in the ’70s; that she was built for Richard Carter (Carter Consolidated then Carter Holt Harvey). I always thought she was a honey but not often seen out. BUT I had it in my head that she was called “Tobago”. Trinidad / Tobago get it?


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