Mystery Launch & A Few Yachts


Mystery Launch & A Few Yachts

I’m hoping that I have not published this photo before, its from the Mac Taylor collection. Interested in ID’ing the launch.

Sorry for a rather lame post today but I’m laid low with the man flu, feeling very average, in fact didn’t even watch the All Blacks test last night.

9 thoughts on “Mystery Launch & A Few Yachts

  1. The STERLING is a different shape at the stern, & only has 4 portholes – the mystery boat has 5, also the MYSTERY BOAT appears longer. The mystery boat appears to have more tumble home


  2. Hi Alan, Returned on Friday morning after 6 weeks in Europe including 3 weeks canal cruising in Germany, Belgium, Holland and France with Charles and Annie Scoones on their 43 foot canal cruiser Antiope.​ Magic. I also have the dreaded lurgy, brought it back with me, bugger! However, I did watch the game, great! get well soon. Bruce

    On Sun, Sep 18, 2016 at 12:58 AM, #1 for classic wooden bo


  3. Get well soon Alan, for your own sake of course, & for al of us as well, who are part of woodys readers & team,– we all need our daily fix of woodys – cold turkey is not an option. — KEN R


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