Lucinda Re-Launched

Version 2





Well woodys, after nearly two & half years hauled out at the Milford Cruising Club slip, on Saturday afternoon, Nathan Herbert re-launched his 1930, 28′ L. Coulthard launch – Lucinda. A group of approx. 40 family & friends came together to celebrate the event & help ease Luci back into the creek.

A few cold beverages, some bubbles & a good old fashioned kiwi spread – sausage rolls, asparagus bread wraps, bacon & egg pie & a cake – doesn’t get much better my eyes.
In the above photos, you’ll see lots of Nathan sporting a PS (permanent smile) & rightly so, it was after, his day. I apologize for the background noise in the videos, the wind was howling at the time. Remember if you click on the photos, they enlarge 😉

You can read & see more on Lucinda here

While mooching around the creek I spotted something that I thought I would never see – the ex whale chaser, Rorqual sans her hot-house top, see photo below. It is only temporary as new owner Andrew Miller is half way through a make over that will see her returned to a similar look as before but utilizing the best materials & systems. And if I did not post a photo of Murray Deeble’s wee day boat I would have ended up in the creek 🙂



And its not too late to complete the on-line ww classic boating activity survey – click blue link below

14 thoughts on “Lucinda Re-Launched

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  2. PS That little day boat is in fact an offshore cray boat with accommodation, mast away for varnishing and led light fitment!


  3. Fantastic day thanks y’all! Great people and a good time. It has taken a tribe to resurrect this boat, everyone with different skills and things to offer. I have appreciated people popping in with parts, coffees, beers, filled rolls, man-power and everything else.

    The location has been fantastic. Milford Cruising Club has an amazing yard for its members. With strong modular cradles for all types of vessel, a rail slipway (no strops crushing old wooden boats) and good facilities it is a no- brainer. The bonus is that the club has a healthy active membership free of snobbery or one-upmanship (except in yacht racing of course), great premises and excellent food!

    Thanks to all.

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  4. What a wonderful job you done on the lovely lady.Congrats to all, and have a great time using her.


  5. Thanks for the great pics AH , some of us wanted to be there but had a yacht race to win first, (the bronze star worked a treat- I have never before seen a carvel boat after such a period on the hard go in and have a really dry bilge)
    But wait there is more- she sneaked out of Wairau Cove late yesterday with a grinning crew and a serious skipper for a sniff of the Pacific Ocean, all went smoothly as the throttle was opened for the first time in many years – she fairly flew leaving the sea behind…..

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  6. Looks like you have done a truly wonderful restoration. Now time to get out and enjoy her! Congratulations.


  7. She looks absolutely stunning!!! –Beautiful job, — especially when one looks back to how sad she looked before — KEN R


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