Mystery Flush Decker

Mystery Flush Decker 1

Mystery Flush Decker 2

Mystery Flush-Decker

The flush decker in the above photos appears to be flying a ‘Patrol’ flag so could be in some official capacity e.g. race control or maybe there is someone important arriving in the flying boat ?
Very happy to see what I think is a Auckland Motor Yacht Club burgee flying from the mast.

The photo is another from a collection of photographs by the marine photographer Tudor Collins.

So woodys – any cues ?

11 thoughts on “Mystery Flush Decker

  1. How about this:

    Additional to the identical geometry of the for’d end of the rubbing strip remaining porthole and bow shape, this photo was taken in Kerikeri, not far from Whangaroa where I have a photo that I think is of her in 1977 with tram top added. The tram top photo being similar guise (save for portholes turned square) as a Westhaven 1950’s photo.


  2. Of course the NZ Power Boat Association became the Auckland Motor Yacht Club in mid 1939, keeping the same burgee.


  3. PS Townshend had bought DEFENDER by early 1936 and was Commodore of the NZPBA when the above pic was taken.


  4. OK I’ll put my head in the mouse trap that Nathan has set. He convinced me that she’s DEFENDER built by T.M. Lane & Sons in late 1913 as SCRIPPS III. Alternatively, as KR might well have it, she was built by Garth Lane personally. The fact that he was just 5 at the time, is no impediment, it would seem.
    I think that the photograph was taken in December 1937 and shows the PanAm flying boat Samoan Clipper moored in Mechanics Bay. At that time DEFENDER was either owned by E.H. Chamberlin of Ponui or had just been bought by G.F. V. Townshend who ran her during WW2 with NAPS as Z13.


  5. TANE was originally LOEW VICTOR, build by Chas. Bailey Jr. This one started life at Lanes.


  6. Looks a little like TANE in the Dr A.W.B. Powell era, which was at that time, probably mid or later 1940s, & which used to be kept a few metres away, under the Judges Bay bridge, on the Whakatakataka Bay side, more or less at the bottom of his garden, below the cliffs, in Parnell. — KEN R


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