Roamer 2016a

Roamer 2016b

photos & details ex Davie Norris

I was contacted by Bromley, Christchurch boat builder Davie Norris about his families 40′  launch ‘Roamer’ in the hope that we could uncover more about her past. The boat previously belonged to Davie’s uncles Noel and Ken Norris and before that by his grandfather Bert Norris. They have been told that she was possible built in Cass Bay, Lyttelton &  launched in 1911.

A summary of her known past ownership is :-
• owned in 1914 by George Andrews & moored in Moncks Bay, Christchurch.
• owned by Mr Friedman in 1928
• owned c.1961 by Cliff Steinhouse.
During Steinhouse’s ownership there was an explosion onboard while the launch was being slipped in the estuary at Moncks Bay, as a result she burnt out & sunk. Davie is friends with Cliff Steinhouse’s son, Mike, who as a young boy watched the event from the shore.

So woodys can we help Davie out?

The photos below were prior to the addition last season of a new cabin top (as per the above photos)

Update from Davie Norris
The fire on board was around 55 years ago as Mike Steinhouse is now 60 ish and he can recall watching her burst into flames as she was motoring to the slipway in Redcliffs. She drifted onto a sand bank before the fire was put out. The cabin top suffered badly and was rebuilt then.
When my grandad purchased her some years later she was sunk on her mooring in Lyttelton. He re-powered the boat and moved the engine forward into the bunk room to give more space in the main saloon.
My uncles cut off the cabin top about 30 years ago and rebuilt it.
We cut that off last year and replaced it as it was rotten, you will see in the 2 photos below we raised it 150mm.

 02-07-20176 Harold Kidd Input – photo below of Roamer in 1935, ex PapersPast ex Press (Christchurch) 14th Jan 1935)

Roamer 1935

3 thoughts on “Roamer

  1. I’ll have a dig after today is over but can add a bit.
    1. George Andrews had her in 1913 and used her as a passenger vessel from Redcliffs/Monck’s Bay.
    2. One source says Andrews built her, another that Millers did.
    3. George still owned her in 1915 when he was on the MAHENO as one of the engineers to the two launches aboard her.
    4. F.L. Friedman owned her at Lyttelton from at least 1927. For a time a joint owner was H.N. Hemmings.
    5. Noel Norris owned her in 2002


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