photos by Ken Ricketts

The above photos show Kirikiriroa recently hauled out at Gulf Harbour, her life ring says Port Fitzroy. I took a great photo of her a few years ago & posted it on the CYA forum but using the CYA search section turns up zero. All I can recall from memory is she that does reside at Great Barrier Island.
I get a zero in my photo files so possibly there has been a name change & that is throwing the search out.

Who can tell us more about her, in the water she is a very salty looking wee ship & rings a lot of my bells 🙂

14-05-2016 Update from Judith Wallath
While on a summer cruise (3 years ago) Judith & Bob took the below photo of Kirikiriroa at Kaiarara, Port Fitzroy. She was built for Dick Anderson in the late 1970’s for servicing the mussel farm. Judith doesn’t know when Con Flinn  bought her, but as far as she knows he still owns her and moors near Orama in the vicinity of Nagles Cove.  Con used to collect from the rubbish barge, but that has been phased out.
Judith pointed out that in the book ‘Tales from Great Barrier lsland’ – it refers to Con FLINN – & she believes this to be the correct spelling.

Kirikiriroa at Fitzroy

13-05-2019 Update – Hauled out at Gulf Harbour. (photos ex Ken Ricketts)

10 thoughts on “Kirikiriroa

  1. SALTY + sailing plus GARDNER 4 Ketch rig SO does she sail or steady only ? IS she a dipper with fine bow lines + forward raised bulwarks i heard travels well with a load FINE ship upholding traditions PRETTY too flush decker like that slender nymph that filled the eye instead of cloudy topworks that impose danger metres below .. DICKO


  2. Con Flynn who lives near the religious centre near Port Fitzroy has had her for a while.
    She was shown on the Marcus Lush TV show about the north


  3. Original name and has a 4lw gardner installed by seagars marine eng. A very eventfull first sea trial till she was ballasted.


  4. Kirikiriroa was owned by Dick Anderson, Harbourmaster of FitzRoy inlets, GBI until a few years ago when he retired and turned her over to Con Flynn, another long-time resident out there. Dick helped me move or maintain my own mooring for my 1913 26ft mullety Waitere II many times over the years, and Con is indispensible to the island.

    By the way, i have had Waitere II for over forty years but am getting too old to handle her, and am looking for a new owner who will maintain her as well as I have. She was repaired in 1965, raising the freeboard and adding a deadwood keel and SL3 Lister engine, so she is a comfortable cruising mullety.
    Steven webster (at


  5. Looks well capable to battle the North Sea fishing grounds.
    – ‘a very salty looking wee ship’,….. indeed.


  6. I’m fairly sure this vessel was for a time contracted in the peak seasons to collect rubbish from the barge at the Barrier collecting, sorting and transporting it back to Fitzroy.


  7. Not sure that I would want to be driving her downhill in a big sea loaded to the plimsoll mark..


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