photo ex Jeff Norris
Jeff sent in the above photo of the Manuroa which is berthed next to him at  Westpark, thats now  called Hobsonville Marina. Jeff was wondering if any of the woodys knew any of her history. She looks like she may have been a work boat originally.
SomeoneManuroa was very economical when they cut the plywood sheets i.e. not a lot of wastage, I think I can see where the ‘bridge-decker’ cut outs were used 😉

So woodys can we help Jeff out?

9 thoughts on “Manuroa

  1. Thanks Terry,

    Ok so now I have a new name for her and a possible origin.

    I wonder if any one has any photos of her pre the Greave’s renovation. And or any Info from what she was doing while in tutukaka and any contact info for the Kendall’s or the Le Grove brother’s.

    Definitely want to have a good idea of her history.

    Thanks again,
    Julian Meyer


  2. I remember her in Milford in 1969 to the early 70s on A pier.Then owned by the Le Grice brothers under the name of Lazy Days.Then Reg and Rea brought her and gave her a lot of T L C and renamed her Mana-Roa and moved her to Coromandel.Some years later she turned up back at Milford on B pier .If my memory services me right she call down from Tutukaka and may had been owned by Roger Kendall son of Jack Kendall who had the first Vindex and well known builder on the North Shore


  3. Hi all, I have recently purchased MANU-ROA and would really like to know more about her so I can undertake some kind of “usable” restoration or just not get it all wrong by trying to save the wrong parts nor make it into a museum peace. From what the last owner told me it’s a Bailey & Lowe hull built in 1911. His family seem to have had it for 10-20 years this was while it was in hobsonvile (westpark). And the Reg and Rae Greave’s? Any one got a contact point for them? Also any other info people have regards time line, era of build, type of work it may have done, pleasure or commercial from build etc would be great. Thanks Julian Meyer


  4. It belonged to Reg and Rae Greaves from the early ’70s and berthed in Coromandel Town. Prior to that it was berthed at Milford Marina. Reg sold it approx 1993.


  5. I can understand where you are coming from. And we don’t see it so much these days as those Vindexes are now the old boats but they were designed with good space inside from day dot so no need to alter drastically to bring to speed. Today’s equivalent seems to be getting an old one and coving everything and fitting frameless tinted windows and enclosed flybridges.


  6. Interesting question. My father was probably somewhat guilty of what you describe with the old 28′ family kauri launch. When I look back and think about his motives at the time – he had a boat that he knew backwards and probably had an emotional tie to. He also had friends with similar sized, slightly more modern boats with things such as headroom – I remember a 32′ Vindex was always described as a “gin palace”. He had experienced these sorts of benefits and the comfort they provided. The combination saw him make alterations to try and achieve a similar level of usable space. Retaining the look of the era the boat was constructed was quite a way further down the priority list.

    In addition there wasn’t as much value being placed on classic boats as there is today. They were “just” old launches that were affordable.

    Not trying to justify what he did but just trying to explain the possible thought processes at the time. That all said, there are some real doozies out there….


  7. Why are so many older boats rebuilt by people with no apparent eye for good design or appearance? A lot of effort is expended to achieve a result which would have been better never attempted. Sorry if this is not constructive criticism, but I believe that any boat should look right when the work is finished. This cabin is so horribly slab-sided, when a much more attractive appearance could have been achieved – a more decorative window design or even an imaginative paint job would have helped!
    Maybe diplomacy is not my strong point!


  8. This one makes at least 2 MANUROAS that I knows of, — the other being a rename of Gordon Mace’s DOREEN, by Len Swan, the second owner in the 1950s – she was one of the 3 sister ships built by Lane Motor Boat, — (WANDA II CONNIE V & DOREEN & MANUROA) – in the later 1940s. If it is the original name, this one would be the first MANUROA I would think, — but who knows…..??? — KEN R


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