Mystery Yacht – Sailing Sunday




Mystery Yacht – Sailing Sunday
photos via Ken Ricketts, source unknown.

The above yacht was built in 1955  to a Bert Woollacott design, on a property at the corner of Pukenui Rd & Manukau Rd Epsom & launched in 1955. Ken commented that she looks c42′ long & appears to be a good solid cruising yacht so perhaps ended up off- shore? Ken also suggested the name might be Ghost or Wolf?
Can anyone ID the vessel, confirm the builder & any of the people in the photos?

Not a great weekend for boating so while I was cleaning some muck from my fuel tanks, a few woodys headed down to the Whangamata Beach Hop – Rod Marler flying the ‘flag’ & if there was a god that Woody wagon (photo ex David Plummer) would be mine 🙂



6 thoughts on “Mystery Yacht – Sailing Sunday

  1. last i heard it belonged to a person who lived and had a business in devonport not far from the yatch club i belive he was a member, i think he manufactured sleeping bags or tents or something to do with the out doors, cheers


  2. i owned rangi and lived on her in the town basin whangarei she was called rangi, i wanted to register it with loyds, but was refused as there was a ship already reg of that name, i again applied rangi 2 again refused, i was talking to a Maori friend and he said try rua which is 2 in Maori i did and they accepted it that is how it got its name, i still have its log book, and photos, cheers


  3. Don’t believe the Mystery Yacht-Sailing Sunday is Wolf. Looks very like her though. I worked with Bert and Harry Pope at Bailey’s and my recollection is Wolf turned up at the yard in the mid-1960s to have her lead attached to the deadwood, the bumpkin/washboard fitted (which extended her deck aft) and final finishing off before being launched. Also the doghouse on the above isn’t what I remember on Wolf – hers was more rounded with less windows. Cheers, Gil Littler


  4. Wolf was a Grey Goose design, by Bert Woollacott. She
    Design LOA LWL Beam Draught Disp Design No
    Grey Goose Bert 36′-0″ 31′-0″ 11′-0″ 5′-9″ 10.0 Tons 18554

    The other possibility if she was 42′-0″ is Rangi Rua, now Spirit of Rangi, owned by Michael Barretts, and launched in 1957, and now at Bayswater.


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