CYA 2016 Classic Yacht Regatta


CYA 2016 Classic Yacht Regatta
photos from Simon Smith, Rod Marler, Peter Loughlin & myself

Yesterday (06-03-2016) was the final day of the 3 day regatta & the weather gods delivered the goods to finish the regatta on a high note.
I’ll let the photos tell the story but really need to say that the new venue & host club, the Royal NZ Yacht Squadron was a winner with everyone, perfect venue for our event & the crew at the RNZYS were fantastic.
I’m sure race results will be view able on the CYA website, I’ll post a link when they go live. Enjoy 🙂

Remember to click on photos to enlarge

Day 1sorry working



Day 3



Prize Giving

CYA Regatta Fleet @ RNZYS

PLUS – some great up close photos on Jason Prew’s facebook page

6 thoughts on “CYA 2016 Classic Yacht Regatta

  1. Great event and great photographs – thanks for the coverage Alan. Good to see so many of these graceful craft out sailing.


  2. Am surprised that he would ever do that, — he is a very responsible person in my experience


  3. “W1” would have been doing around 20 knots when her pic was taken, & as one can see, there is no wash at all, — she is by far the daintiest boat at speed I have ever see. — I have been aboard her doing that speed. – KEN R

    That might be the case Ken but someone posted on the photo that the vessel needs to slow down when entering a bay …………. 😦


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