16 thoughts on “Silver Spray

  1. Easy it’s my grandpa’s Silver Spray built in 1926 with some members of the family standing in front


  2. To those among us with a sharp eye it was an easy one – well done Nathan & Zach. It is indeed another Dianne Hopson photo of Silver Spray, emailed to ww by Ken Ricketts. I thought the unusual ‘beached’ angle might throw a few 🙂


  3. I agree with SILVER SPRAY – even the davit is there (surely unusual for a 26 footer). But seems a bit obvious – too easy. I smell a rat? Don’t know where, but the pic was definitely taken at low tide.


  4. I reckon Zach is right. She’s SILVER SPRAY not MANUIA. Sorry, can’t pick where she is, but obviously not on a lake!


  5. I agree with Harold. I had a sneaky peek in the register earlier this morn and the photo of Manuia pretty much resembles the beached boat….the difference being that the dodger side windows on the registered boat slope down. Was the pic taken at Chamberlain Bay with Rotoroa in the background?


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