PEERLESS Mystery Launch 07-08-2015
photo ex Colin Pawson
Today’s photo are from Colin Pawson’s grandfather, Charles Pawson, photo collection. This one appears to be Islington Bay, Rangitoto Island & you can just see Charle’s launch Wondabyne on the left.
The challenge for woodys today is whats the launch in the forefront ? For once I think I know the answer, but I’ll keep my ‘powder dry’ 😉

UPDATE A little too easy today, as Russell Ward said its Peerless , the 1913 Andrew Petersen designed & built launch. Andrew was helped by his apprentice, Sam Ford. Lots more details at the link below, but the great news is that Peerless has recently changed hands & is now hauled out & the restoration process has started.

12 thoughts on “Peerless

  1. Not hauled out yet! still floating in Wairau Cove, with a fair bit to do above the gunwhale, also featured in a picture on the side of the Milford carpark at present- taken a few years ago. I hope the new owner got the nice original interior joinery that was on her 10 years ago at Kawau.


  2. Peerless pre-1920s, with original wheel shelter and awning extension. Great photo! Can see how much lighter she is in those days compared to more recent photos (much more freeboard). I assume at that time the 90 gallons or so of fuel/water tanks had not been added in the bow too.


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