Jack Brooke Cruise Collection #21 – Xmas 1969/70 Cruise On Kiariki

Jack Brooke Cruise Collection #21 – Xmas 1969/70 Cruise On Kiariki

Another Jack Brooke drawing, published on ww thanks to son Robert for making them available to ww followers. Jack produced a hand drawing on each cruise. Today’s post is the 21st featured – this one shows the Xmas 1969/670 cruise aboard Kiariki. Not sure of the actual length of the cruise as Jack has only plotted on the ‘chart’ to Kawau Island & back. But other entries indicate a longer cruise. The fishing must have been good, the size of the snapper illustrated normally indicates the catch. I’m not sure the message in the line “The curse of the Manaia got us again” – upset stomach (under cooked food) or something else, I’m sure Harold Kidd can answer this.

The crew celebrated New Year with the yacht Prize & enjoyed 11’ses aboard on New Years day.
Crew On board : John Brooke, Elsie Brooke, Howard Wallace, Monty Wallace, Neil Wing, Bob & Dave Thornley.

2 thoughts on “Jack Brooke Cruise Collection #21 – Xmas 1969/70 Cruise On Kiariki

  1. I’m not sure what Jack was driving at about “the curse of Manaia”. He’s actually drawn a heitiki, not a manaia, alongside Manaia. Maybe there was a past experience of tummy troubles while anchored at Whangarei Heads? Otherwise I know of no connections between the manaia and curses and bad guts.
    I find his “beer bottle ballad by TOPAZ” and his fish weighing apparatus more intriguing. And also the fact that there is no track shown to and from the Bay of Islands. They obviously went there because of the references not only to Manaia but also to Oke Bay, Matauwhi Bay and Opun(g)a Cove.


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