Colin Wild Yard – Stanley Point, Devonport

Colin Wild Yard – Stanley Point, Devonport
photo from the John & Judy Salthouse Collection

Todays photo was sent to me by Mike Drummond, with the permission of Judy & John Salthouse & was taken during John’s time at the Wild yard.
It looks a little familiar – possibly posted on the CYAF a few years ago & I recall Harold Kidd ID’ed the vessels. I could be wrong…….. ?

Can we attempt to do a L>R listing.

Note: thanks to Mike digitizing the Salthouse album & Judy & John kindly agreeing to share it with ww, we will have some great content coming up. Mike has a interesting link to Colin Wild in that his house is on the site of Wilds yard. Who knows one day we might get Mike off that 40knt+ foiling cat & into a Col Wild classic 🙂

11 thoughts on “Colin Wild Yard – Stanley Point, Devonport

  1. Thanks for this picture Alan. We’re just sitting here discussing Colin’s yard with his nephew (my dad, John Wild) as to where Colin’s yard was located.


  2. Brilliant! It must be about November 1926 when PALOMA was about to be launched. She was from a design by W.H. Hand and had a 4cyl Daimler truck engine.


  3. I think this is earlier than the time when John Salthouse was working for Colin Wild. My guess is late 20’s. It’s certainly after Wild put the counter on DELVILLE/KOTUKU in June 1924, but not a lot. The handsome hard chine launch on his slip is obviously there for work. I think I know what it is but need to do some comparisons. The other three launches and the yacht should be capable of being identified with some effort especially the one with oval ports which is very familiar.
    I’ve been through my database for references to yachts and launches hauled out at Stanley Bay (which is what they called it rather than Ngataringa Bay) at this period, but got overwhelmed with choices.


  4. Arrrgh! Hallowed ground. Could we one day have a WW pilgrimage to the holy spot and anoint the ground with suitable libations? Or drink some anyway?


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