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  1. Somewhere I have some framed artwork by Kitty Vane that was originally mounted on the front bulkhead. I’ll try and dig it out for you as it deserves to go back from whence it came.

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  2. Haha yes rumors are true and a great album by Fleetwood mac the kitty vane under full noise from jj of exclusive boat haulage flew home north late 2018 to the start of something big….house is built and things are falling into place with a bit of luck a rare one of a kind shall be cutting a track around the bay of islands and catching all the fish she used to and more!


  3. My great grandfather caught a hammer head shark on this boat I think reply to this message and I can send you a photo of the shark teeth I have in a glass cabinet


  4. The Kitty Vane was a well known gamefishing boat when i was growing up in the 1960s. It was owned by the equally well known Going family at Tutukaka – I can’t remember exactly who. The boat is named after Kitty Airini Vane who was a reasonably.well known artist. Kitty used to stay with my grandparents Jock and Molly Morrison at Matapouri in the 1940s and maybe 1950s.


  5. Hugh Going liked the style of “Lady Doreen” and so the similarity with the sunken fishing cockpit and the upper platform when flying four lines. He passed her over to John when he (Hugh) came over to try the Cairns fishing grounds in the early 1970’s. I think he and Ted Gilpin built a launch in Cairns, but not sure on that.
    regards ray


  6. Yes she is the same Kitty Vane shown in the early photos. She was originally built as a shorter bridgedecker, then had the hull lengthened and flybridge added early ’60s.
    Presently for sale if you’re up for a challenge


  7. Update from Brain Worthington

    “Saw it on the slip a Te Atatu . flybridge has been removed. Its been up the river at Te Atatu for a number of years. Originally looked alot like Lady Doreen but John Going changed it”


  8. Kitty Vane was built by Hugh Going , a Ces Watson design and launched 1956.
    She was run as a charter boat by Hugh and later was owned by John Going who changed the cabin style ,he also operated her out of Tutukaka as a charter boat.
    John ventured down the west coast gamefishing and also sailed Kitty Vane up to Tonga Gamefishing.


  9. Hi Alan, don’t know who built her or to what design,but she was built in a shed behind the old Tutukaka Hotel,the one that burnt down. The site is full of apartments today. cheers…Brian Cassidy

    On Sat, Mar 21, 2015 at 1:18 AM, waitematawoodys.com – the classic wooden bo


  10. According to the Northern Advocate of 2nd November 1991 she was built by Ces and Hugh Going at Tutukaka in 1956. No hint of designer, but the Goings probably didn’t need outside help for that. She was based at Whangarei Deepsea Anglers Club at Tutukaka for many years and was still under charter there in 1991. She went to the aid of the crew of STELLA wrecked on Wide Berth Island in 1963.
    The Going family were involved in commercial launches in Whangarei from the early part of last century with launches like THELMA, STUDE, TOKATEA, TUI, BROTHERS, COQUETTE and FLUTTERBUG.


  11. She was originally owned by John Going and operated as a charter boat out of Tutukaka.




  12. Kitty vane was a famous game boat owned and skippered by the Going Family from north. She is named after Katherine (Kitty) Airini Vane, a famous artist from Northland and various places of residence. Hope this is of some help.


  13. Is this not John Going’s game boat? If it is, there should be plenty of info on her. World famous in Tutukaka and Tonga..


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