Firstly a record day yesterday on ww – the previous record for people looking at the site was 8,600 views – yesterday we did 13,000+ views in a 24hr period. Totally amazing.

Now onto todays post – maybe I live a sheltered life but I know nothing about the launch Centaurus other than she was for sale late last year when I snapped the above photos at Westhaven. She was immaculately presented, in fact almost too perfect – I suspect she might have been glassed, if not I want to meet the painter 🙂

Who can shed some light on her & where she has been hiding?

16/02/2015 – new photos added


17 thoughts on “Centaurus

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  3. She looks so much like the profile of Roy Steadman boats that came out of Shipbuilders (not the wide bow type) with a tad more style


  4. Watch out Pam, — Harold will pick you up on “coamings”…….
    Am at the Gold Coast until Thursday & am going to try & ferret out & get pics of some “Aussie woodys” today or tomorrow. if I can find any interesting ones, — KEN R


  5. She could not have been in the South Island for very long, as she was in Gulf harbour within the last 2 or years


  6. In the wheelhouse the wheel has a plate with an engraving bearing” Bailey and Sons” and on the reverse of this plate is an engraving bearing a personal message.The engine is the original 1963 Cummins V6 diesel. The owner is happy to talk and mulling CYA membership.


  7. Could be Shipbuilders Colin, — you may well be right.

    Even her nameplate is original — same plate, same place on the bridgedeck– So very lovely. — KEN R


  8. I could we’ll be wrong but I thought she had a Shipbuilders pedigree. A great looking vessel regardless.


  9. CENTAURUS, was for many years, well into the 1980s at least, owned by the Sibun Family of Watney Sibuns Funeral Directors & Florists & lived in Auckland for a lot of that time, but in later years was at Whangarei for shortish periods, as one of the family who used her regularly, lived up there.

    She is a very heavy solid beautifully built boat of 2 or 3 skins by recall c45 feet. — have a recollection of Collings & Bell, somewhere in my head, but not certain after the passage of time.

    She was originally powered by, & indeed may still have, a very large & very quiet running V6 Cummins Diesel (painted grey). I was on her quite number of times in the later 1970s & early 1980s.

    She still looks absolutely original — WONDERFUL!! — KEN RICKETTS


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