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    The facts are not as Michael Mc Mahon has indicated on 18.3.19, as that Alan Shaw bought GAY DAWN off my father Ralph Ricketts, in November 1970, at which time she had twin 6 cyl Leyland Diesels, which my father, (with my help), had fitted in 1958-59, , & Alan Shaw for some extraordinary reason, replaced them with a single 6cyl Ford Diesel, which she still has today, or one similar.
    She originally had a single Studebaker truck engine ex the ROYAL FALCON, which my father removed.
    She definitely never had a Chrysler petrol engine ever, & unfortunately someone has been telling porkies, or had an over active imagination, because, when built by original owner himself, with his own hands, from whom my dad bought her, in 1956, who was called Bill Waters, it was all done on an empty section in St Heliers Bay. — Have sent Alan images of her being built by Bill W., with him in the pics. – He was a close personal family friend.
    Her frames were borrowed from Ted Coopers AWARUA, but AWARUA (built by Ted, with support from Roy Lidgards, in their shed Auck City), is 37 feet & GAY DAWN was shortened by Bill W. to 34 feet, in order to use full length planks in the bottom, with her coamings designed by Bill W. as well .
    I saw her being launched at Okahu Bay September 1953.
    Perhaps Michael you would like to phone me on 021 988 919 for more info – KEN R


  2. Gay Dawn was owned for many years by Alan Shaw and his wife, he was a Glendowie Boat Club member and at that time lived at Clouston Road and could walk to the end of his road and check on Gay Dawn on her mooring at Glendowie.At that time I was a member at Glendowie and spent a little time on Gay Dawn. When Alan purchased it had a petrol Chrysler which he removed and he fitted the 120 hp Ford diesel . Alan told me that he watched Gay Dawn being built in a boat shed that further towards Ladies Bay.He stated that it was designed by Collings of Collings and Bell and the builder was a nephew of Collings . Further down the track there has been a number of Boat Broakers claiming that Gay Dawn was designed and built by Lidgard. I know who I choose to beleive


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