7 thoughts on “Lost & Found old

  1. Helen W contacted me as I was the last to record seeing her. I went hunting her this morning where I remembered seeing her in the vicinity of Don Buck Road and White Hills Road, but failed to find the correct road. The area has changed a great deal and I got lost. Does any WW follower remember where she was last? She’s a most important early launch.


  2. Hey Gavin – did you find it?

    What info did you have back in 04?

    AD Winkelmann


  3. Does anyone know were I could see the little 18 foot launch Tawaki build by Logan Brothers in 1906? I heard it was still about in 2004 and at that time was in need of restoration, but I have no idea where it might be.
    Any leads appreciated.
    Gavin Bedggood


  4. Any one have any knowledge or where abouts of a boat called
    1. Te Kapa 30′ L, possibly was or could be now Tiger?
    2. Porpoise ir similar name 34′ L.
    3. Marua L not known.
    4. Sea King was/is this boat x Ruatangi 32′ L, Built 1928 or Reremoana ll L 49’6″ Built 1949?
    Ron Wattam


  5. my father owned a 38ft launch named RELIANCE. during the mid 1960’s he sold her to someone who had her transported by road from Kerikeri to Thames. Does anybody know where she is now.


  6. During the 1960’s my fathers 38ft launch RELIANCE was sold and transported to Thames by truck and trailer from Skudders Beach, Kerikeri.
    I am interested in locating the whereabouts of the boat.


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